Abigale Snow

Sometimes you have a shoot scheduled that the time frame changes.  And you worry about rushing the images you create to fit within the time frame.  This is one of those examples that chemistry, friendship and communication comes together to create amazing images in less than half an hour.  These images are part of a…

Afternoon Snack

The lighting in the room i use to shoot a large amount of my natural light photos amazes me everyday.  It is constantly shifting and changing.  Hard light with long and strong shadows,  Soft and diffused, hugging the model and creases and curves of the fabric beneath them. Constantly changing with the seasons….


Two weeks ago today, I hosted AD Series for the weekend.  Lots of talking about music and photography and comic books ensued.  I helped assist him with a fitness inspired shoot during the morning.  And then managed to squeeze in some shots of his second model of the day, Savvy.   Enjoy.


This set of images came from the most impromptu shoot I think I have ever set up.  I wanted to shoot.  The model I had booked had to cancel last minute.  And Aoife messaged me saying she could shoot.  So I ditched the original location and went to a location I have shot in a…

An All Day Affair

Finally I am able to share this amazing project.  Click the photo to go straight in to the gallery. I will be updating this post later with the entire creative team that made this come together, along with the local Austin designers that provided their garments and designs to make this dream a reality.

Against the Grain

As the spring light in the afternoons has slowly moved in to the longer and warmer hours of summer, I have developed a slight obsession with shooting on this small section of wood flooring I acquired during the winter.  Fully assembled, the section I have available to shoot on measures roughly 4′ x 10′.  Which…