Bailey Kay

  Thanks to the wonderful world of social media and the algorithms that are used to inevitably connect us all, I met Bailey Kay.  Former Marine, mother, artist, tattooer and all around bad ass.  We are talking about more shoots in the near future that will show you the amazing diversity she possesses as a…


Stripped Down

I started shooting this project over 8 years ago with no clue exactly where it was going to go.  The beginning shoots were shot as i was learning high key lighting and made a lot of mistakes with a lot of learning along the way.  Each shoot evolved the direction I wanted to take with…


Abigale Snow

Sometimes you have a shoot scheduled that the time frame changes.  And you worry about rushing the images you create to fit within the time frame.  This is one of those examples that chemistry, friendship and communication comes together to create amazing images in less than half an hour.  These images are part of a…


Afternoon Snack

The lighting in the room i use to shoot a large amount of my natural light photos amazes me everyday.  It is constantly shifting and changing.  Hard light with long and strong shadows,  Soft and diffused, hugging the model and creases and curves of the fabric beneath them. Constantly changing with the seasons….


Two weeks ago today, I hosted AD Series for the weekend.  Lots of talking about music and photography and comic books ensued.  I helped assist him with a fitness inspired shoot during the morning.  And then managed to squeeze in some shots of his second model of the day, Savvy.   Enjoy.