(A Little Too Much) About Shawn

as a child, i grew up on comic books, fashion magazines and skateboarding.  i have drawn and painted all my life.  i used to climb trees to the highest point i could reach, so that i could read books in silence.  i love music so much that i still have an extensive collection of cassette tapes.

i am an unapologetic loud talker who prefers to spend most of his time alone; also a little outspoken and opinionated. way more tattooed than i ever planned to be.  i wear my heart on my sleeve; literally and figuratively.  my two daughters are the best things i’ve done with my life.

i believe that our lives, bodies, and stories should be celebrated.  and we should be able to express ourselves freely; unashamed and unabashed.  get uncomfortable and throw caution and self-doubt to the wind.


“The camera is a liar. It shows everything, it shows nothing. It reveals only what we want. Often what we see is seen only from a window; moving past and then gone. One window. My window. If you’d been here, chances are you’d have seen things differently.”
– Anthony Bourdain