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Lexa Grace

Lexa Grace Social media allows us to connect instantaneous with people all over the world.  Complete strangers at least half the time.  Then somehow, that person is standing before you while getting ready for their photoshoot.  You learn their story; about their life, children, job, thought processes, etc.  Lexa is a prime example of a…

Girls On Film

Girls On Film One of the things I love most about photography is working with other photographers.  One of my fellow photogs needed to use my space for a boudoir shoot…and my camera and lighting set up.  I love lighting.  Natural available light.  Studio strobed lighting.  And mixing the two.  Here are a couple frames…

New Zivity Set with Mewes

New Zivity Set with Mewes 2 weekends ago, Mewes and I shot our third Zivity set together.  And to be honest, it is the best one we have ever created together.  Head over to Zivity to check out the set in its entirety.

Mabel Stirrups

Mabel Stirrups A couple months back, I got to catch up and work with Mabel again.  We stuck with one outfit (which she actually showed up wearing) and some more of that amazing daylight through the windows.

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass One of the most amazing things about the photography community is creating connections with amazing photographers.  And what is even more amazing is when these connections turn in to friendships.  Over the past year, I have become close friends with AD Series.  When he comes in to town, my home and…

More Abigale Snow

More Abigale Snow One of the joys as a photographer is revisiting older shoots with a fresh set of eyes and a different editing approach.  Like my previous post about this shoot with Abigale, we had set up a time frame to create these images.  Unfortunately some last minute changes to plans forced us to…

Bailey Kay

Bailey Kay   Thanks to the wonderful world of social media and the algorithms that are used to inevitably connect us all, I met Bailey Kay.  Former Marine, mother, artist, tattooer and all around bad ass.  We are talking about more shoots in the near future that will show you the amazing diversity she possesses…

Violet Lux

Violet Lux Every time I get to shoot on a sunny day in my home/studio, I am in love with every image that is produced.  The light that floods this location is nothing short of amazing.  Enjoy these images with the amazing Violet Lux….