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“The First Rule of…”

Still working on the full blog post about my “Fight Club” series of images.  Once completely, it will feature the entire process from conceptualizing, lighting and set design, behind the scenes imagery courtesy of Manny Jimenez, and the completed final edits. In the meantime, here is an image from the series to enjoy! -Shawn

“The Experiment”

I was digging around through my archives today and came across this older personal project I shot awhile back.  I titled this project “The Experiment”.  I was trapped at home with WAY too many children around and was slowly losing my patience and calm.  Then the idea hit me….do something to interact with the kids…

That Run Almost Killed Me….

In the past 9 months I have been working really hard on making a lot of little changes, both personally and professionally.  The changes in my personal life include the battle on quitting smoking after well over a decade of cigarettes, drastic changes in my diet and eating habits, and learning to “enjoy” some seriously…

New Work Added To The Website This Week

This past weekend the girlfriend and I “scheduled” a shoot with each other.  We have done a couple other random shoots in the past couple months but never with an idea or concept in mind.  I knew that she has always liked the idea of doing a shoot involving smeared lipstick….so that is what we…


Some more 4×5 film scans I came across last week.  Took these 2 images during a rare snow storm in Austin over a year ago.