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I started shooting for the Stripped Down project in 2007 with no clue exactly where it was going to go.  The beginning shoots were created as I was learning high key lighting and there were a lot of mistakes made and a ton of learning along the way.  Each shoot evolved the direction I wanted to take with the project.  After years of editing and re-editing each of the people I have photographed, I present my semi-anonymous nude project, Stripped Down.  The faces and the human forms are presented in separate galleries.  I wanted to create an interactive experience for the viewer.  Not all of the faces and the forms will have their matching counterpart.

I have been amazed by the human body since I was a child.  I blame growing up reading comic books, with their over emphasized proportions, and my mother’s fashion magazines.  As I have crossed past the 40 year old mark, my fascination with the human body only continues to grow as time and age wear on each of us.

The human body is a story within itself.  Every human body is different.  Some of us carry stories in the tattoos, piercings, scarification and other body modifications.  Some of us carry the marks from eating disorders, depression or body dysmorphia.  Others carry the stories of growth from a child through adolescence and in to adulthood.  Some of us are parents and have the stories that our children created leading to their entrance into this world.  And then there are others that have pushed their bodies to see what their physical limitations are.